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Night with the Stars:  Perseid meteor Shower

On Sunday, August 12, 2012, at 22:00 .Scientifique Club of Guerrara organized  a trip to the outskirts of Guerrara  for observation the astronomical phenomenon ' Perseid meteor Shower '

This is by the following program:
- Make a presentation on the definition of meteors, during which questions about the topic of the participants.
- A presentation about use of the camera and  the basics of astro-photography

- From 00:00 we select the appropriate location, and open horizon toward the constellation Perseus and turn off all sources of light and we started monitoring.


From 1:15 to 2:30, we have spotted about 32 meteor ,Most of them were great brightness and viewed from all members, and that the purity of the atmosphere in general and the absence of light sources in the area of ​​monitoring

Preparation for Photography:



Lying down to watch the phenomenon:



Picture of the meteor  and the stars trails:



ٌRise of moon, venus and jupiter :

 really is a phenomenon worthy of viewing and reflection.


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