Report by Valentin Grigore.
President of SARM - Societatea Astronomica Romana de Meteori (Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)
National Coordinator of AWB for Romania - Astronomers Without Borders


After a snowing night of Quadrantids, eclipse started in same conditions here in Targovste, Romania: cloudy and light snow. After 1 hour appeared the first breaks in clouds. We installed our scopes for the public in the city center (near the Christmas tree, in the Santa Claus City). Four local and four national TVs were present. During the eclipse all the time was a light snow, so we saw the eclipse among snowflakes through a natural filter (clouds).

Some pictures made by SARM members in other places: pages/Eclipses/Solar Eclipses.htm - Eclipsa partiala de Soare/&poze=9


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