International Space Station Pass Details Date: Thursday,13 January, 2011 Satellite: ISS Location: Binnaguri ( 26.7667°N, 89.0500°E) Local Time: Universal Coordinated Time -5:30 (GMT + 5:30) Orbit: 347 x 354 km, 51.6° (Epoch 13 Jan) Sun altitude at time of maximum pass altitude: -23.4° Event:Rises above horizon;Time:18:42:47;Alt:-0°;Azi:301° (WNW) Event:Reaches 10°altitude;Time:18:45:07;Alt:10°;Azi:282° (WNW) Event:Maximum altitude;Time:18:47:18;Alt:19°;Azi:233° (SW ) Event:Enters shadow;Time:18:48:22;Alti:16°;Azi:204° (SSW) I went into my garden a few minutes before 18:45:07 and waited, expecting that I might see the ISS but was not really sure if I would. Then I saw the International Space Station. It was the first time I had seen it. It looked like a bright star moving across the sky. It grown from Magnitude +0.5 to magnitude -0.9. It was awesome.


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