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Global Astronomy Month is a kinder, gentler version of 100 Hours of Astronomy.  If weather was not favorable, the planned 100 Hour event would not usually have a back-up plan.  It would be a too-bad-so-sad situation.  A whole month dedicated to astronomy gives you some breathing room and the ability to come up with a “Plan B.”  Plus, it allows you to build momentum and a following at your weekly events that would lead up to the Astronomy Day activities with the Global Star Party in the evening!

Astronomy Day, Saturday April 24, will be a great way to feature solar observing and solar information in the daylight hours, while the night is reserved for planetary and stellar pleasures.  This is a great way to draw in those closet astronomers, casual observers, active astronomy clubs, and sidewalk enthusiasts of all interests and specialties.  Astronomy Day is dedicated to the hobby and science of astronomy.  Here, we can champion organizations such as NASA/JPL and their mission to explore our cosmos that has brought us so much cutting-edge information through the years; companies like Boeing, Northrup Grumann, and Scaled Composites for their innovations in exploration; and the Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra Space telescopes for their images and astronomical discoveries.  We can also celebrate the role of observatories all over the world and the many answers they have given us about our stellar home, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Universe beyond.

On that evening we come together under one banner, “One People – One Sky” and hold our Global Star Party paying tribute to all the international contributors to this field of science.  One Planet – One Sky is literally the story of how our understanding of the cosmos came into being through civilization building upon civilization.  The groundwork laid by one astronomer in one part of the globe sparked further discovery and revelation from another part of the globe until now….. we are one astronomical community with no boundaries of race, creed, color or political affiliation and we celebrate it with this unifying activity under the stars.

With the world as small as it is, and getting smaller by the minute, wouldn’t you love to take a trip with other like-minded, cosmic-watching astronomy friends?  Global Astronomy Month is your ticket for a great adventure and will guarantee a memorable trip.  Come join the Astronomers Without Borders as we travel the Universe together.



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