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GAM 2012 was a memorable month for all people who live in Sa'adat-shahr .Observing the sky with different groups of citizens,families,students,teachers,doctors,... in Global Astronomy Month 2012 .

Since besides improving astronomy ,one of the goals of Astronomers Without Borders  is to develop world peace through the programs such as "30 Nights of StarPeace"  in GAM 2012 under the motto One People*One Sky, Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky has decided to have inauguration of Global Astronomy Month 2012 near the tomb of a man who wrote the first human right's constitution on a cylinder which is called "The Cyrus Cylinder".


Mr. Simmons,The President of AWB,did a favor and added this blog to Featured Member GAM 2012 Blogs of AWB website.

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We had almost all programs of GAM 2012 like SunDay, Yuri's Night,Saturn Watch,Lyrids Watch,Global Star Party,30 Night of Star Peace,...for our people in different parts of the town and different schools(Unfortunately we couldn’t take part in Online Programs).
Most of the times Sizdah Bedar coincides with the first day of April, which is known as SunDay in GAM2012 programs .The Team of Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky (ASPS) and its Manager Asghar Kabiri who accomplished 2006 Amateur Outreach Award went to popular places outdoors in Sa'adat-shahr .

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Here at Saadat-shahr at Lunar week April1-7 we put the telescopes at popular streets of city to introduce the Moon and answer the questions of people.

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At Yuri's Night (April 12 th) students attended to a competition that they should calculate their weight on other planets. Some slide-shows of space were presented for students. They asked their questions and Mr Kabiri answered.

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We Switched-off unnecessary lights of our Astronomy Town for an hour at April 20 th  (World Night in Defence of the Starlight) to recover the vision of stars, and at the same time save energy and slow down climate change (Of Course Electricity Organization of Saadat-shahr coordinated with us).
Most of citizens and students with their parents came together at Saturn Watch (April 15) and Lyrids Watch(21 to 22 April).
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More photos of that night are here and here.
Some doctors had free services for our people in Global Astronomy Month 2012.

A beautiful program of GAM 2012 was” Programs for People with Disabilities”. This program tells us astronomy is for all people.

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Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky held track and field competition in Global Astronomy Day 2012.Primary students attended the competition while a congratulatory sign was hacked on their shirts. After the competition, we enjoyed our times with the students in a fascinating prairie near the road.

An exhibition of space photos and some astronomy tools that students made with simple things were shown after the Friday's prayers in the main mosque at Global Astronomy Day 2012.This exhibition was repeated at different places and other mosques of Astronomy Town.

Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky held painting competition for students .They were very enthusiastic that Mr Kabiri, the Manager of Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky, painted the celestial bodies on their faces.

More photos are here.

Once again people of Astronomy Town brought together for celebrating astronomy on Aril 28th,Global Star Party in GAM 2012.  After the observation, most of the people celebrated that important day by eating an Iranian traditional meal ”Ashe Doogh”.

 Housewives were very enthusiastic to improve their awareness about the night sky. Children were full of energy to stay in our celebration till midnight.

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Global Astronomy Month 2012 finished but our activities is continuing….
Clear skies,

                                                                One People * One Sky
                                                                     AWB-GAM 2012
                                                 Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky


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