In Ghana we organized events for each Saturday in April, all held at the Ghana Planetarium in Accra.

 On April 7th, around 10 people attended our launch of GAM, where they watched the GAM 2012 trailer plus the wonderful timelapse video “Astronomers Paradise”.  Sarah then used Stellarium to give a presentation on the planets and constellations that should be visible during April.  A Planetarium show followed, but afterwards it was not clear enough for telescope viewing, although we were fortunate in seeing the ISS fly by!


 On April 14th, around 20 people attended our “Yuri’s Night” event.  Kyle, a volunteer from the US, who was working with us for a month, gave a live presentation in the Planetarium using “Nightshade”, based on the theme of space travel.  Unfortunately, still too cloudy for the telescopes!

 Kyle used Nightshade again for the final 2 events of GAM, joined by Sarah on the 21st to talk about Saturn.  This was a very well attended event which included a group of 20 from a school science club that visits regularly, and some Physics students from the university.

 For our “Global Star Party” on the 28th, Kyle explored ideas of distances and travel time between objects in and beyond our solar system.  This time we were joined by 70 members (mainly girls) of a community-based youth group, “Achievers Book Club” which aims to improve literacy and also give its members exposure to a wide range of experiences through visits to places of interest.  The group is supported by one of the Deputy Ministers, who provided the funds for them to visit the Planetarium.

 Huge thanks go to Kyle for giving such entertaining and informative presentations, we have all learned a lot from him which will stand us in good stead for GAM 2013!  





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    I am the weekend events coordinator (voluntary position) at the Planetarium Science Centre, Accra, Ghana. We have 2 types of weekend events - meetings of the Astronomical Society of Ghana, and public events, which may include hands-on activities for children, planetarium show or telescope viewing. I am currently studying astronomy online, and also go into schools presenting science and astronomy sessions.


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