Hagen Tolle


Bad weather has spoiled almost all events for the GAM 2012! Only the 28/04/2012 was marked by good weather. We invited our guests to enjoy the stars on deck chairs, with a cool drink and smart music. At the same time April 28 was also the Austrian Astronomy. Therefore, there was something to celebrate twice. Not only the visitors welcome, we were able, even the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter were there. Later still deep sky objects joined them and everything was perfect.
Up until the early morning hours we had put too much fun with the visitors did not stop the questions about astronomical processes.
One very nice advertising for astronomy, and just the thought was to celebrate the world's best thought of kindred spirits also.


Here you can watch a video about the event:

Short Timelaps Video













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    I run the small observatory Gmunden in the Salzkammergut. The Observatory calls on guided tours on different astronomical subjects. Furthermore, will cooperate in the investigation of the brightening of the night sky. The goal is the celestial mechanics of the people through free tours to reconnect and of course to point to the dangers of light pollution.