Date: 2th to 28th April 2012

Time: 08:00-14:00 every day

Event Location: Computer lab or school yard of the School no 14 "Ion Tuculescu", Craiova, Romania

Event Description:

- Constellations: PowerPoint Presentation of the Constellations,  Drawing activities, WebQuest about Constellations, SF Essays of the 5th to 7th grade students.

- Eyes on the skies-video presentation

-Build a spectroscope- practical activity

-Astronomical observations and on-line astronomical observations

These activities are part of the educational program "The Magic Sky" included in a European eTwinning partnership.


Approx number of people Attended: 100

Organisers of the Event: School no 14 "Ion Tuculescu", Craiova, Romania





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