During my trip "From Orient to Occident - One People, One Sky" with my "AWB-Car" I will visit the SAAA (Syrian Amateur Astronomers Asoociation). This will happen on 29.04.2010 during GAM2010. I have an invitation from the people of SAAA and my friends there are planning a little starparty to share the fascination of our sky - One People, One Sky. I will talk about AWB and what our organisation is doing and fullfill my role as an "Ambassador" of Astronomers Without Borders. I will deliver AWB's mission and goal to foster understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy. My visit is a bow to the importance of Arabic countries and their historic influence on astronomy as an important cradle of astronomy.

These are the goals of SAAA:

1. Providing astronomy education to all social groups and in every possible way.
2. Studying astrophysics and supporting applied astronomy.
3. Cooperation with similar associations and organizations inside and outside Syria.
4. Reawakening the Arabic historical heritage in astronomy.
5. Making astronomy a required subject at schools in Syria.
6. Publication of astronomical and scientific papers.
7. Increased translation of astronomy texts.
8. Organizing various astronomical activities such as observation nights and astronomy conferences.

More information about SAAA is avaialble on the SAAA web site.

Of course, I will report later on the success of this event!

Johannes Stübler


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