90mm will be hosting our first sidewalk star party where the public can stop and view Saturn, Mars and other deep sky objects through our 150mm refractor. We’re just going to setup the telescope on the corner of the intersection near our location and talk to the public as they pass by during the evening.  Why do this in town where light pollution is, well, outrageous? That’s just the point, to bring attention to the problem of light pollution and teach everyone about effective lighting for the community.


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    90 Millimeter Observatory seeks to introduce students, parents and educators to STEM education through astronomy using the tools of amateur astronomy such as readily available telescopes at public star parties. We also seek opportunities to present astronomy focused classroom presentations followed by Solar observing and offing astronomy presentations and observing opportunities to students and parents during evening and after school programs. In addition, 90 Millimeter Observatory seeks to hold public star parties during township events held at public locations like parks, township buildings and public libraries. We believe that 90 Millimeter Observatory has the potential to serve the public as...


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