During this years AEC-festivial (Slogan: THE BIG PICTURE - Creating a new conception for the world)  some very famous "Astronomy- People" visited Linz again personaly "in real life" and virtual. At the instance of Dietmar Hager ( the AEC invited Warren Keller ( and Damian Peach ( to Linz. These famous astrophotographers gave on Saturday lectures about their outstanding astrophotographic work. On Sunday we had a live-skype connection to La Silla to the world best exoplanet telescope: ESO telscope - HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher).Dr. Juri Beletsky and another scientiest gave us an live online presentation about their actual work and we visited live the controlcenter at the end of a successful observingnight. In the afternoon we visted our local observatory to observe the sun in white light and h-alpha light.

Following some pictures of this event:

After Dietmar Hagers introduction Warren Keller gave a great overview about the great progress in astrophotography.

Damian Peach did the same about the stunning developments in planetary photography. After these lectures Dietmar Hager travelled with us virtually through the sunsystem in 3D-Deepspace.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to get a deep look - LIVE- to the work of HARPS by Dr. Juri Beletsky.

Finally we relaxed observing the sun at our local observatory of our Astronomy association (LAG)


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