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April 4-6 was the turn of countries in 72-108 E longitude. SPACE contacted various other starpeace counterparts in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afganistan, and Nepal to host a 30NSP event during April 4-6. During this period few solar observations and night observations were done. SPACE proposed sun observation to Pakistani counterparts as they had security problems in gathering people at night. SPACE did a walk through for publicat the Jantar Mantar observatory on 4th April and held observations there. A solar observation was also done for public and educators at SPACE’S office on 5th April. Images can be found in the SPACE gallery.

There was another night observation done in 30NSP on April 6th also as SPACE president C B Devgun did iridium watch and venus mercury pair observation from east delhi. Suresh from Nepal called in during the event and a bridge between India and Nepal was created on 6th April Night under 30NSP.

C B Devgun
Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators
National Coordinator, India, World Space Week
09810226297, 09250901015


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