An annular solar eclipse will occur on 1 September, 2016, where the Moon will obscure most (about 97%) of the Sun. The path of annularity for this eclipse will start in the Atlantic Ocean, crossing central Africa in Gabon, The Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Mozambique, on to Madagascar and then out into the Indian Ocean.

The Independent Traveller has arranged a SMALL GROUP tour in Tanzania to witness the Eclipse in KATAVI NATIONAL PARK. You will be one of the very few people in Katavi National Park which lies completely within the path of annularity.  Our tour is completely unique, tailor made and offers a chance to witness an annular eclipse in the wild African Bush. 

For more information or to join us on the Tanzania Annular Eclipse Tour 2016 - please visit our website:

or please email us at

We're extremely passionate about travel and astronomy, and will be happy to assist and answer any questions. 


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