Report: Astronomy day 2015

Date: 2015.7.24

Country: Iran

City: Tabriz

Location: El Goli Park

Ayaz Astronomical Society (Iran/Tabriz)

As last year’s we gathered together to celebrate astronomy day with people in one of the great parks in Iran/Tabriz that called El Goli park. This is 8th consecutive year that we celebrate astronomy day with people in this park. First of all I should thank all of my friends in Ayaz Astronomical Society that help to each other to prepare place. We had different pavilions for introducing astronomy in public such as:

1-      History of Astronomy

2-      Solar system

3-      Stars evolution

4-      Cosmology

5-      Earth and moon

6-      Astrophotography

7-      Astronomy for children (painting with astronomical subjects)

8-      Sun

9-      Asteroids and meteorites

10-  Space explorations

11-  Aerospace

We had very great time with people. Facing with people who were eager to know more about astronomy, bring us to work hard in this field to celebrate this events better than before and do astronomy in public. Hundreds of people joined and help us to celebrate this day. We prepared very great sections with wonderful pictures and played movies for viewers to understand better. People were asking nice questions and its showed that people pay attend to astronomy or Astronomy how much important is for people. I appreciate this kind of informative people.

Report by : Massoud Rahimpour ( Iran/Tabriz)

Photo by: Ashkan Najjar 


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