Behzad Anwar


Dear All,


Hope all of you are doing well. I am belong to Lahore astronomical society and infinite astronomical society of Pakistan. I  recently arranged a Sun viewing event in Pakistan city of Murree (7,000 feet above see level). I would like to share with you few photos of this event.





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    About Me

    Currently i am living in Pakistan. I am a amateur astronomer. I have three instruments which i often use for heavenly body observations. I have 50mm binocular, Galileo scope and 114mm Celestron Telescope. I also have many sun viewing glasses which we use in general public as well as in schools to spread the awareness of astronomy in my city and remotest areas of Pakistan. I am very fond of astronomy from my early childhood. I arrange public star observation events to develop the interest of astronomy in young generation of Pakistan. Although my background is not related to astronomy...


    Location:Lahore, Punjab