Behzad Anwar


Dear Astronomers,


Hope all of you are doing well and busy in your astronomy and heavenly activities. Last year in June 2014, i visited the Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat mountain base camp to capture the Milky way along with the 9th highest mountain of the world. The jeap track of fairy meadows is the 2nd dangerous road of the world. I had to do tracking 9 hours to reach the base camp of Nanga Parbat mountain which is also know as "killer mountain". I have capture few images pf ,milky way which i would like to  share with you. Because the maximum exposure is 25 seconds and ISO is high, therefore, there is some distortion in these photos.

You can see the 9th highest mountain of the world with snow covered peaks under the milky way mysterious shadow.


Kind Regards,



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    Currently i am living in Pakistan. I am a amateur astronomer. I have three instruments which i often use for heavenly body observations. I have 50mm binocular, Galileo scope and 114mm Celestron Telescope. I also have many sun viewing glasses which we use in general public as well as in schools to spread the awareness of astronomy in my city and remotest areas of Pakistan. I am very fond of astronomy from my early childhood. I arrange public star observation events to develop the interest of astronomy in young generation of Pakistan. Although my background is not related to astronomy...


    Location:Lahore, Punjab