Our project of basic astronomy diffusion to Haitian public is actually on going on the station "Equilibre FM", reachable at 90.9 FM in the region of Artibonite, a department in Haiti. We have been able to do this activity with the aids of donors throu the fund rainsing organized by AWB (Big Impact Giving Project). Interrested in what we are doing in the project, please visit the page: where you may have access to live or archive of the emissions (on clicking on life stream). The show is done on creole. As said, we had had a successfull campaign throu the Fiatphysica platform: In Haiti, our association is continuing fighting to have young Haitians interrested in science, particularly astronomy. We have a lot of idea, but we are still realistic and adapted to our community. To contact us: Official Blog: A blog about astronomy development in Haiti. Official Email: Tel.:(509)38407775 Twitter : Facebook: Google+ : Pinterest:


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    We are an association of amateur astronomers leading by a professionnal astronomer: Dr Rulx Narcisse. We speak two languages: Haitian and French even if our posts here are in English. Phone/Whatsapp/SMS: +50938407775


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