Like many others in Austria we offered to visitors and walkers in our local town park a look to the Mercury transit on 9th May 2016. We had fine weather and we showed at our local Johannes-Kepler-Observatory the sun in white light and h-alpha light. Even at our outpost outside the city of Linz we had a little observing team showing this event to people of the neighborhood.Many people thought they can look to Mercury using sun eclipse glasses. They have been surprised that Mercury was so small and so they have been happy to see our smallest planet crossing the sun in our telescopes.

Folowing some pictures, telling more than 1000 words :-)

MerkurTransit 1MerkurTransit 2

MerkurTransit 3MerkurTransit 4

MerkurTransit 5


At our small outpost-observatory we had some small clouds causing  some exciting views through the eypiece.



Last but not least following a short video, produced by Harald Schmidt, a member of our astronomical association "Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft-Johannes Kepler", showing Mercury entering the sun.



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