On 11th of June 2016 a new solar observatory  was opened. The Austrian AWB-affiliate ANTARES held a big opening ceremony. I had the big pleasure to be one of the guests officially representing AWB-Austria. ANTARES is a very vivid and active astronomical association in Lower Austria doing any kind of public outreach.

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Above the new self built dome housing some optical solar telescopes and a special solar-radio telescope beeing part of the world wide network e-Callisto.



Of course, ANTARES beeing a partner of our Austrian-AWB-network is always supporting GAM (GLobal Astronomy Month) !


Above: The organisation's chairlady Gabriele Gegenbauer and me.


Lectureroom of the new observatory - DI FH Christian Monstein talking about e-Callisto


Playground for children during the opening ceremony with model-rockets and many more educational stuff to play and to have fun ....

.... for example the first "AWB-NC-Austronaut"  ;-)

AWB NC astronaut



In the background another big radio-dish. ANTARES is doing several kinds of Radio-Astronomy.

There is only one thing left to say: All the best wishes to the members of ANTARES, congratulation to the great work they  have already done and are still doing and all the best for the future of the observatory.

Best regards


J O H A N N E S   S T U E B L E R
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of Astronomers Without Borders - AWB
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Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
Charter member of A4E - Astronomy for Education
Associate of the IAU Division Commission C2
Consulter - Project "Keplarium"
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