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On 23 and 24  Ordibehesht 1395 (12 and 13 May 2016), UNAWE Iran participated in the Global Astronomy Month for the second time, in collaboration with the Thaqib Astronomical Association. The events around the Global Astronomy Month took place in the city of Rasht, and like last year many organisations participated, such as the Rasht Islamic City Council, Rasht Municipality, Rasht Athletic Culture Organization, Mehrpouyan Library, as well as a large number of amateur astronomers. UNAWE Iran also joined other national and international events organised by astronomy clubs.


For the Global Astronomy Month, this year UNAWE Iran organised a special programme including activities like observing the Sun with a Solar Telescope and observing the Moon and planets such as Jupiter, an astronomy exhibition, astronomy theater, a space hangout, a workshop and a drawing contest. 2000 people visited the events, which were free for the general public to attend.   


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