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12-13-14 August 2016

As many astronomy societies did, we, Hacettepe Astronomy Society, have attended the festival held in Olimpos/Antalya with the collaboration of Kozmik Anafor, Bilimfili and Evrim Agacı. This special festival has hosted many people from different cities.

On the first day of the festival, we gave a course about astrophotography, both theoretical and practical at the workshops. Also, in the same day we have made, with participants, solar observation. Later that night, we observed the passing of ISS, which was an event. We also watched a film named ‘’Contact’’, a film adaption of Carl Sagan’s book.

On the second day, after we gave our course about astrophotography, we have participated in different presentations and courses. In our free time, we went and saw the touristic areas of Olimpos right after the movie event, the film was ‘’Agora’’. After that, the passing of Iridium was observed.

On the last day of the festival, we gave our last course and completed our official duty of attendance. Since it was the last day we, with full crew, went to participate in different presentations like Neutron Stars and Chaos Theory and chatted about these topics with participants. The biggest event of the last day was the Water Rocket experiment made by Kozmik Anafor educators. After the experiment was over we went to the last movie event, Einstein & Eddington. That was the ending of the Olympus Sky and Science Festival.

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