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As the Moon quietly slides towards its date with the Sun, excitement builds up in Patagonia. And we hope you will join us, in one way or another!

Camarones, a little known town by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is preparing accordingly. After all, rumors have it that many visitors will show up for the eclipse, as well as regional and national media.

But the locals, younger and older, are also excited at the prospect of observing the eclipse. A first, for most of them.

Astronomers without Borders launched a campaign to help the children of Patagonia watch the eclipse safely by means of solar glasses. Just one dollar will give a child the chance of a lifetime. Imagine how inspiring that might be!

Over 250 pairs have been secured already thanks to 11 generous donations. That's 250 real happy smiles! Please enter here to donate:

Please watch this space for more updates on both eclipse and campaign!



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