On May 5, 2017, first and second grade students from Cipriano Manrique Elementary School in Caguas, Puerto Rico were able to enjoy an educational visit to the Arecibo Observatory accompanied by our resource and Solar System Ambassador - NASA / JPL Fernando Roquel Torres.

Our Solar System Ambassador was as a guide illustrating everything concerning the meteorites of the place. It also explained how the Radiotelescope works which does not use visible light, but radio and radar waves for its investigations. With the wonderful view of the Gregorian dome of the Radiotelescope, our Solar System Ambassador was explaining to the students the importance of this Observatory as it is our defense to investigate dangerous asteroids that threaten Earth. In this illustration we see how it is demonstrating a series of photos captured by this radio telescope. The asteroid 2014 JO25 demonstrated and explained in an easy and entertaining language to the students.

The experience offered to these students is unique since at all times they marveled at the study of the cosmos in a language of easy understanding and above all fun. From that moment on, our solar system ambassador proclaimed to the student scientists and amateur scientists of the cosmos with the power and authority of the Solar System Ambasadors program of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

!Always Successes!

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