SAAa 800
Muhammed Alassiry, CEO of ASS, welcomed attendances and announced the new SAA center.

Even their country suffers diffcult circumtances nowadays, members of Syrian Astronomical Association (SAA) celeberated the opening of association building in May 22, 2017 in Damascus, Syria.

 SAAb 800
Visitors read an International Astronomical Union poster.

SAAh 800
The observatory of SAA

Muhammed Alassiry, chair of SAA, stated that the new center has an observatory with two main telescopes, celestron se8 computerized telescope and 14" Dobsonian Telescope. This Center includes also a plantriounm that was built depending on the expertise of SAA's memebers. Also, SAA with its new center offers a new conference room and 8 telescopes from different brands and sizes to public use. The first activity covered by the new center would be sighting the new cresent of Ramadan month, the fasting month in the Islamic lunar calender, at the sunset time in May 26, 2017. SAA members is looking to participate with AWB and other astronomical groups around the world in doing activities.

SAAg 800
Earth Table in SAA.

 SAAe 800
Waiting Room in SAA

SAAc 800
Planetarium room designed by SAA’s members.

SAAf 800
Planetarium room designed by SAA’s members.

SAAi 800
The observatory of SAA in Damascus, Syria.

Muthanna Al-Sarray


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