Club de Ciencia Boadilla has organized a public astronomical observation on the night of Friday April 20th, in a public area close to Aula Medioambiental of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid / Spain).

Although the nigh was cold a total of 22 adults plus several children attended the event. The Sky conditions were good, without clouds or wind and there were five telescopes installed from several partners of Club de Ciencia: one Smith-Cassegrain of 20cm, two newtonians of 13cm and two refractors of 8 cm.

We started with the visual identification of several stars and asterims, and although we were in urban area with high light pollution, we were able to do telescope observations of Venus, open cluster Pleiades, Great Orion Nebula, several moon craters (especially interested were sunrise on Posidonius, Charconac, Messier-Messier B and Fracastorius). We finished close to midnight with the observation of Jupiter, still low in the sky but always an interesting observation.

All attendants were satisfied with the explanations received and the observations made.

Eduardo Adarve and Roberto Saez.

Club de Ciencia Boadilla

2018 04 20 Observación astronómica nocturna red


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    Location:Boadilla del Monte, Madrid