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On Thursday, 12 July , photographers both Palestinians and internationals headed to the Dead Sea desert in order to take part in the World's Largest Astrophotography Camp Ever! The camp was organized by UNESCO Chair in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences in addition to Pal Space and Fidae 4-Wheel Teams in Hebron, West Bank.
140 people 72 of whom were photographers arrived at location around 8:00 PM to start a journey of magical beam and take a total of thousands of photos of the Milky Way and stars constellations scattered across the clear night sky.
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A variety of activities gave this camp a special twist. Lectures on galaxies and stars were given to participants, then personalized astrophotography tuition was given during workshops by professional photographers like Nayef Hammouri and Alaa Srabta who assisted photographers and amateurs in adjusting their cameras and equipment in order to ensure the best quality of photos.
Dominique Greger, an Austrian personal trainer participated in the camp and commented saying , “ It's a big and interesting adventure that taught me to trust in other people and go with the flow then eventually come into the wave of life. Desert is a symbol of search and here I found the universe is so big. I would do this adventure again! ”
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This unique camp which marks Palestine as the incubator of the world's largest astronomy event, an accomplishment that came after weeks of preparation and non-stop cooperation, resulted in thousands of master pieces that are expected to win awards in astrophotography competitions world wide.
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Finally, participants were able to share their love for stars and make discoveries within themselves. This only underscores our passion as human beings for light and sky, and our infinite love for nature that can be shared and celebrated anytime, anywhere!


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