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As an experiment expected by students, the Astronomy Club of San Agustín School developed the activity:

Augmented Reality Astronomy 4D

For this purpose the free allocation application OCTAGON 4D - SPACE was used, this application works with the technology of recognition of augmented reality which is presented as a very collaborative tool when teaching Astronomy, for its diversity of functionalities, implementation cost and quality of interface.

IMG 20180728 090452     IMG 20180728 094455

The students developed an experimental session, filling a descriptive report of the observed objects, the requirements were:

  • Printed guides
  • Physical Letters - OCTAGON SPACE
  • Own Tablet / Smarthphone
  • Installed application
  • Pens, pencils and colors

The realization of the Experiment was face-to-face and of meaningful learning, with expectations to its repetition.

IMG 20180728 092019

IMG 20180728 095914

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Gabriel Jaimes


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