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As each year features at least two lunar eclipses, many of which are partial or penumbral where the moon grows slightly darker, the night of July the 27th marked the longest total lunar eclipse in 83 years! This mesmerizing astronomical event coincides with the opposition of Mars reaching its closest approach to Earth since 2003.

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Luckily for the 250 participants, the Lunar Eclipse lasted 1 hour and 43 minutes and was best observed from the Middle East. The observation camp took place in Bethlehem on Moon Hill to ensure zero light pollution and clear gazing opportunities.


Awad Hamad, a Palestinian photographer said that this was his second time going on an astrophotography camp. ‘ Nothing compares to the joy I feel every time I show the participants their photos that I took. What stands out to me besides the charm of the Moon, is the magical experience of meeting hundreds of people of all ages and areas to share this experience of creating remarkable photos that celebrate the Moon ’, Hamad commented.

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Matt Letkeman from Canada was present during the activities. ‘ You’re left speechless. The culture on both sides of the Wall is mesmerizing. There’s a bliss and restfulness in this place. It welcomes you like the sky welcomes you. This whole experience is very emotional.’, he said.


Mashhour Wihwah, a journalist and a photographer had expressed his massive excitement to be on this journey. For him, it is a totally different experience since his daily life involves coverage of clashes and conflict, while this night was all about sky and getting to meet many people from different countires.

The camp involved a variety of competitions, art work and lectures given on the origin of the Moon, the Eclipse, facts and myths in addition to night marches during the full eclipse. Observations of Jupiter, Mars and Venus were also organized through telescopes on site.


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