I have organised an event on the night of total Lunar eclipse and opposiotion of Mars which was registered event with AWB (


> 30 Enthusiasts with different age groups from the city particpated

> Event started at 11:30PM local time(IST) with the introduction to the phases of the Moon and planets

> Discussed on the speciality of the Eclipse and what maked it longer this time

> Discussed about the key positions of planets wrt Earth(Elongation, Opposition, Conjunction etc.)

> Observed Moon and the planet Mars through telescope as moon was eclipsed (not optimal conditions due to clouds)

> Had good learning and fun throughout the event. Particiapants left with some memorable moments.
DSC 0014 01 Copy

WhatsApp Image 2018 07 28 at 4.07.49 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018 07 30 at 9.11.30 AM

 WhatsApp Image 2018 07 30 at 9



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  • 04 August 2018
    looks wonderful
  • 15 August 2018
    If possible please organize some event in jammu, jammu and kashmir, india also because I'm interested in astronomy but here is jo astornomy club or anything else and I never had the chance to look up with anything other than my eyes and my pair of binoculars. Please do it if possible.
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