No man is an island,” wrote the poet John Donne. I would add: no island is an island. Nature does not exist in isolation. It’s birth, evolution and daily chimings are dependent on the greater nature beyond our planet’s fragile borders. My mind wonders to the numinous thought espoused by the science of quantum biology that mutation in the genes of life-forms on earth could have been triggered by the sun’s rays affecting the way DNA copies itself in terrestrial veins. So the random mutations that lead, through non-random ways, to our very existence, could have come from the very fingertips of our star.

Aesthetically, too, nature is wedded to the cosmos. The colours of the sky, of plants, of the sea, of the rainbow, all of them, are dictated by the cosmos that veils our planet. And I can think of no greater masterpiece than a tower of starlight in free-fall over a tundra or a great lake. All we can do is be humble and get into that ring of beauty, see what we’re made of – literally.


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    “If you cannot travel to nature, let nature come to you.” From the moment I discovered the wonders of the night sky, I was instantly charmed. The breath-taking softness and elegance of the stellar forms, coupled with the richness of hues, was an addition to my palette that I couldn't resist. A series of watercolour and oil paintings formed in early 2016, entitled 'Cosmic Nature'. This collection of oil paintings and watercolours are the result of a combination of two loves, nature and astronomy, inspired in part by the works of David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Brian Cox...


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