The past couple of weeks have been hectic for my associates and me. I was on television several times, being interviewed and making reports about Mars Close Approach. I organized two observing sessions and assisted in another one.

   July 14, 2018, Mars Informational Presentation at Wolfe's Camera Shop, Topeka, Kansas. I made two informational presentations about what was going on and how to observe it, to approximately 50 people.

   July 20, 2018, Science on the Terrace at Flint Hills Discovery Center, Manhattan, Kansas. The public was invited 9-11 pm CDT. I assisted in this observing session where I helped show the four brighter planets in the sky at that time. Mars was the main feature. Approximately 500 members of the public showed up, six telescopes, and a few helpers.

   July 31, 2018, Mars Close Approach Observing Session at the Kansas Museum of History, Topeka, Kansas, who co-hosted the event. The public was invited 9-11 pm CDT. We had approximately 300 people attend, 15 helpers, and 12 telescopes set up.

   Aug 04, 2018, Planets in the Park at Gage Park, Topeka, Kansas, was co-hosted by Shawnee County Parks & Recreation. Public time was 9pm to Midnight CDT. We observed Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, with Mars being the the prime topic. Over 200 members of the public showed up, four telescopes, and four additional helpers.

   Organizations, teachers, and other groups have shown an interested in continued learning about what is going on in the sky. All events were successful. I find that when even one person sets up a telescope to share the views, things become awesome. Several people said they had never seen the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, Venus in a phase, or the ice cap of Mars before attending one of the observing sessions. They will remember their time with us.



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