Better late than never following some pictures and notes to remember the XXXth General Assembly, August 20-31, 2018. As part of a nice collaboration between professional and amateurastronomers I had the pleasure to assist at the ÖGAA-booth during the IAU -General Assmbly for some days.

IAU GA2018 8

IAU GA2018 10

The ÖGAA booth was arranged by professional and amateurastronomers together - the 6m wide image of milkyway in the background was done by Erich Meyer an amateur of our astronomical association.IAU GA2018booth


There I had the pleasure to say welcome to many famous  people and astronomers around the world .....

IAU GA2018 11

... for example Mike Simmons who gave a lecture during IAU Focus Meeting 14 .....

IAU GA2018 20


IAU GA2018 17

... here together with Liliana Gracanin the National Coordinator of Serbia.

to be continued & finished soon






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