Tour POSTCARD 1000pxTo celebrate 10 years of GAM I am doing again a long distant trip with my car, similar to my first GAM-trip 2010 to Turkey, Syria and Jordan. My road trip during GAM2019 led me already from Austria to Iran. It's my personal attempt to point the way, to light a beacon of hope, to cherish unshakable on the idea of a world without borders, to keep alive the idea and message of “One People, One Sky“. Not only saying, but doing this message, crossing borders, breaking down frontiers, old ones and new ones. It's again a journey back to the cradles of science and astronomy and a kind of curtsey to the historic achivements coming from the middle east and which have inseminated the rest of the science world.

Following some first picts of my trip:

MaraghehOBS 1
The "AWB-car" at Maragheh observatory.

MaraghehOBS Collage TXT

MaraghehOBS Collage

On my trips I always try to meet people, connected to the stars and astronomy, in person.

So on the way to Iran I met Tunc Tecel the dedicated Turkish TWAN-photographer, and we spent a wonderful night under the starry sky of his home mountains.

twan1 900px

 IMG 20190326 Tunc

Next I will go to Shiraz, meeting some people at Biruni-Observatory, where I will give a little talk about 10 years of GAM, 100 Years of IAU and my work.

Best regards

AWB signatur


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  • Absolutely wonderful. I love that you are "doing" the message "One People One Sky" by traveling across
    borders and meeting with people.

    Jessica, AWB Community Centre Manager✨
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