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Moon craters

1 Bonprand
2 Parry
3 Tolansky
4 Parry M

5 Fra Mauro Formation: Fra Mauro is a widespread hilly geological area covering large portions of the lunar surface around Mare Imbrium, and is thought to be composed of ejecta from the impact which formed Imbrium. The area is primarily composed of relatively low ridges and hills, between which exist undulating valleys. Much of the ejecta blanket from the Imbrium impact is covered with debris from younger impacts and material churned up by possible moonquakes. Debris found in the formation may have originated from deep beneath the original crust, and samples collected there could give insight into the geologic history of the Moon. (Source: Wikipedia)

6 Fra Mauro
7 Lalande
8 Lalande B
9 Lalande A
10 Palisa
11 Ptolemaeus
12 Herschel
13 Flammarion
14 Herschel C
15 Mösting A
16 Mösting
17 Sömmering
18 Schröter

Telescope: Celestron 8 SE (8-inch diameter Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope)

Camera: Celestron Neximage 5

Date: 27th March 2019
Time: 0230h
Location: Institute of Astronomy, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Credit: Banuka Dimuthu



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