April 20, 2019, Malaysia – In conjunction with Global Astronomy Month 2019, Telok Kemang Observatory held a program to celebrate it with our local community. The theme is MUTAJ’s Night. MUTAJ is acronym for well-known Malaysian Islamic astronomer, Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Jalaluddin.

The program start around 2:00PM MYT with astronomy workshop with local university students until 6:00PM MYT. Then continued at 8:00PM MYT with open talk by Assistant Manager of Telok Kemang Observatory, Muzamir Mazlan. The talk includes the topic about Sheikh Muhammad Tahir, astronomical event for 2019 and Q&A session. Unfortunately , Moon observation cannot be held due to rain and cloudy sky.

DSC 6090

DSC 6076


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  • Sorry that you could not see the Moon because of cloudy skies. But we're happy that you got to do an astronomy workshop! Thanks for posting these great pics.

    Wishing you clear skies,

    Jessica Santascoy
    AWB Community Centre Manager‚ú®
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