Taking advantage of the opportunity of the 10 years of the global month of Astronomy, the Gunstar Team Institute as the most vibrant Civil Astronomical Organization popular not linked to any organization that is not of the same end aims to participate in the GAM2019 to achieve our ambitions such as decentralizing the Astronomy of the great academic centers like universities, planetariums, observatories, federal institutes to take the astronomy of simple way and liberating for the population.
Astronomy is mainly in the areas of greater violence, in the interiors, in the peripheries and places where the public power has almost no influence at all, places where most of the graduates are thought to exist whose determination of the majority can not reach.
In partnership with Colegio Abdom in the Gunstar Team of Senador Canedo in the figure of its direct Responsible Clara Jessica and Eloi we established from Gam 2019 a permanent class of study and development of cultural astronomy and solidarity.
Our goal is to attract 100% of the students to the course in order to introduce cultural astronomy as seen by our organization and unite people around the things of Space.56547342 1167214590125123 1535613682069798912 n


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  • Sounds exciting! Congratulations on the partnership with Colegio Abdom. Great images. We look forward to hearing about the astro course!

    Jessica Santascoy
    AWB Community Centre Manager
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