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SPACE Chennai Celebrates Chennai Astronomy Week as a part of Global Astronomy Month 2019.

About SPACE:

SPACE is a pioneer organization working towards the development of Astronomy and space science since 2001.SPACE has successfully implemented astronomy and space science curriculum in the Indian education system. In this context, we have developed a variety of astronomy and space science educational concepts through astronomy projects, sessions, tutorials and modules based on school curriculum for education, catering to requirements of schools & students in India.

About Global Astronomy Month (GAM):

Global Astronomy Month (GAM) 2019 is celebrated by Astronomers without Borders (AWB), worldwide. The celebration by SPACE India is to bring new ideas and opportunities for people to participate in, strengthening AWB’s motto,

                                                              * ONE PEOPLE * ONE SKY *

Chennai Astronomy Week:

SPACE Chennai celebrated "Chennai Astronomy Week" as a part of Global Astronomy Month 2019 celebrations by Astronomers Without Borders in the 3rd week of April 2019 from 13th to 20th April 2019. During the week SPACE Chennai conducted telescopic observations of Moon and Sun at various places in Chennai! Following the motto of AWB, One people one sky, we were trying to spread this beauty of astronomy among all masses.

A total of around 1000 participants altogether has experienced the Astronomical observation during this Chennai Astronomy Week at various venues. Most of the students are from NGO’s and Orphanages and had a different experience when they are looking the beauty of Sky, Stars, Moon and planets.

We are very much thankful to those NGO’s and Orphanages partnered with us for giving such an amazing experience to the kids.

Day 1 – 13th April, 2019 - Ganapathy  flats, Chrompet:

The first day of the Chennai Astronomy week starts with a public observation at a residential society “Ganapathy  flats, Chrompet”. More than 60 people joined the event and observed the moon through Telescope and they were admired on seeing the beauty of moon through telescope for the first time.

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Day 2 – 14th April, 2019 - Self Conduction to the Neighborhoods by SPACE Club Students at their own houses.

The second day being a holiday & Tamil New Year festival  in Chennai,  some of our Astronomy club students being enthusiasts in Astronomy has conducted solar observation at their home terrace along with their neighborhood friends and took part in global celebrations during Global Astronomy Month by promoting this beautiful science to all masses irrespective of age and society!

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Day 3 – 15th April, 2019 - Chennai museum, Egmore :

Solar Observation was conducted for the public at Chennai museum egmore as part of Global Astronomy Month 2019 celebrations. We had 350-400 people who joined us for the observation. The public was excited to observe the Sun with telescope and solar view goggles. We also had a group of students joined from Kendriya Vidyalaya, HUF-Avadi during their school visit to museum.

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Day 4 – 16th April 2019 - New Hope and New Life Trust, an orphanage at Perumbakkam:

On the 4th day of Chennai Astronomy week, it was great experience by our team  the lunar observation with the kids of  New Hope and New Life Trust, an orphanage at Perumbakkam with a group of 120 kids. The children were overwhelmed on seeing the moon for the first time through telescope and they wanted to see it again and again which was was totally worthwhile seeing their faces overloaded with smile and happiness.

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Day 5 – 17th April 2019 - Ramlinga  Adigalar Gurukulam, an orphanage at Kovilambakkam:

A Lunar observation was conducted at Ramlinga  Adigalar Gurukulam in Kovilambakkam, an orphanage Chennai, on 17th April 2019 with around 80 kids of various ages. Students were very knowledgeable for their age and were good in grasping concepts. They enjoyed observing the moon and its craters along with brightest star in the night sky, Sirius and red giant star, Betelgeuse and they wanted the same observation to be continued the next day as well.

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Day 6 – 19th April 2019 - SPACE Chennai Office:

On the 6th day of Chennai Astronomy Week, a public lunar observation was conducted at SPACE Chennai office.  In this we could saw a few no. of people joining us but it was fun interacting with the enthusiastic crowd and they had requested for another observation.

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Day 7 – 20th April 2019 - Good Life Centre, an orphanage at Tambaram: 

Chennai Astronomy Week celebrations ended on a high note with conducting lunar observation for the underprivileged kids of Good Life Centre Tambaram of various age groups with around 150 kids and other people! Everyone enjoyed learning about the moon, its phases, eclipses and also learned how craters are formed the lunar surface.

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