Participate in our global community project Places Conntected to the Sky, which is part of the “100 Years: Under One Sky” celebration of the #IAU! There are many ways in which locations can be connected to the sky, you can browse leading examples on our website

As an IAU100 Endorsed Project "Pc2S" provides extra means to achieve the IAU100 main goals and objectives. It aims to raise awareness that astronomy represents a rich and significant aspect of cultural and natural heritage. It encourages the general public worldwide to engage with their local astronomy-related places and to present them alongside many others in this global collection which is separate from the case studies that form the main content of the portal, but is also searchable using our Astronomical Heritage Finder.

If you would like to join this global effort and submit a place yourself, we ask you to create a user account first. Once you are logged in, you can submit your proposal by filling out the form on our website. After an initial evaluation of your submission by our project team, you will be asked to provide more detailed information about your place and how it is connected to the sky. Once we have received and evaluated this information, we will proceed to publication.


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  • Hello Ruediger,

    Welcome to the AWB Community! Thank you for posting about Places Connected to the Sky. It is wonderful for tourists and for locals.

    I have some friends traveling to Scotland and will tell them about the Coats Observatory.

    Jessica Santascoy
    AWB Community Centre Manager
  • 12 May 2019
    Dear Jessica,
    Wonderful, this is exactly the use case we had in mind when developing the PC2S community project.
    And the more places we present on our portal, the more valuable this resource becomes for "astronomy tourists"...
    best regards
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