During the GAM 2019 our local group, NEOA-JBS, organized four meetings in Abril 3, 10, 17 and 24.

On April 3 we present three talks:
(1) How "Global Astronomy Month" begun?
(2) Stephen Hawking
(3) Olympic Moment: Question about celestial sphere

On April 10 four talks were present:
(1) The first IAU's event about amateur astronomers
(2) SONEAR Observatory
(3) "Amateur Astronomy" and "Professional Astronomy" - can you discern the difference?
(4) Amateurs astronomers and outreach

During April 17's meeting talks were about ethnoastronomy as follows:
(1) Tupi-guarani astronomy
(2) Andean astronomy
(3) "Zodiacal" astronomy

On April 24 another three talks were present:
(1) Calculating Earth's width with sticks and strings (Erathistenes' experiment)
(2) What are we seeing when look to Milk Way?
(3) Olympic moment: Questions about latitude.

Another NEOA-JBS' activities included two meetings:
On April 9 when we visited another astronomy club in Antonio Carlos (CAAC-RR) and April 27/28 to assist the 4th Astronomy Meeting in Canoas (Rio Grande do Sul).

More information, with images, are available at our website:


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