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“The Universe. Yours to discover” is a collaborative astrophotography exhibition featuring superb astrophotography works by ten of Western Australia’s talented astrophotography community, including Carol Redford, James Athanasou, Mark Bridger, Paul Sartory, William Vrbasso, Dr John Goldsmith, Brendan Mitchell, Trevor Lundstrom, Colin Jenkinson and Brett Turner. The exhibition was the first Australian registered Global Astronomy Month initiative for 2019. The three-day event took place 26-28 April 2019, at Westonia, approximately three hours drive east of Perth, Western Australia’s capital city. The exhibition featured astro-landscape images primarily of Western Australian locations and also deep-space and high resolution planetary images. This event was a collaboration between Celestial Visions, the Westonia Community Resource Centre, Astronomers Without Borders / Global Astronomy Month. Curated by Dr John Goldsmith / Celestial Visions /  All enquires, please use the contact page at Celestial Visions,  For more event information, see


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    Dr John Goldsmith is an astrophotographer, writer, researcher, exhibition developer and curator based in Western Australia. His life-long fascination with the cosmos has found expression through his photography, exhibitions, writings and research. His PhD research “Cosmos, Culture and Landscape”, at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Curtin University, focussed on cultural astronomy and the documentation, communication and sharing of Aboriginal sky knowledge, associated with Wolfe Creek Crater and radio astronomy initiatives in the Murchison region of Western Australia. His research applied a suite of digital imaging for site documentation, including astronomical timelapse and 360° spherical imaging. Dr Goldsmith is...


    Location:Ashfield, Western Australia