With the festivities of 50 years of the Apollo missions foreshadowing the mission Arthemis we can conclude that our participation was passionate, dynamic, and of course a success.
Our target audience estimate was 500 people number that was surpassed on the first day of the Event.
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We sought to hold the event in a place that was faithful to the moment and the chosen one was the Monument to the Human Rights of the Cultural Center Oscar Niermayer that is the largest reference of place for the Culture in Goias.
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Sunset epic, presentations and samples such as Space Shuttlers and Meteorites, telescopes and lectures, everything an event of the highest level needs or can offer and with great pride all this for free to the general public.
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Session of passing for the people that the going of man (mankind) the moon has already transcended the old frontiers of the Cold War and has become something much bigger and more beautiful as theme of the Astronomy festival of the State of Goiás which is a world of Adventures, the journey of humanity to the Moon without a shadow of doubt and the greatest adventure of our Species.
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Lectures with:
Opening with Gunstar President Clayton Gubio
Professor Sandro Libb Vice President of Gunstar (Exotic Astronomy)
Professor Daniel Vinhal (Apollo and Athemis)
Professor George Marra (Satelites and apps)
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Monument to Human Rights
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Our Muse On the Moon Again Priscilla Ramos
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 100 kg of food were collected in approximately donations that will be passed to the Cancer Control Association.
The actions of the Gunstar Team was headline in all state newspapers.
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