I am happy to tell that we startet this year our first InOMN Event here in Linz at our little public observatory of our astronomy association - Kepler Sternwarte Linz. Following the appeal of Jessica Santascoy, our AWB-Community Engagement Manager, finally we registered this year an event to celebrate the moon together with many people around the globe. It was a great success despite we had mostly bad weather. Nevertheless we had some holes in the cloud cover and we could give some nice live-views from the moon to our visitors. Additionally to our main instrument for visual observations we used a littel videocam on our refractor to show the moon (and planets) to the people as much as possible at the same time. For the kids we had some rocket-starts and it was a big pleasure for all. I am sure we could inspire many new people for spaceflight and astronomy. We had about 200 visitors during this night.  Following some images of our event.

Warm greetings from Kepler-Town Linz


coll LNDM4s

coll LNDM1


coll LNDM6as

coll LNDM5s

coll LNDM3s

coll LNDM2s

coll LNDM7s



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  • 10 October 2019
    Hi Joe, Thank you for your wonderful outreach for International Observe the Moon Night. 200 visitors is a lot! Your event looks like so much fun - I wish I could’ve been there with you all. I’m so glad that you had holes in the clouds and you got to see the Moon.

    All the best and clear skies,
    Jessica Santascoy
    AWB Community Engagement Manager
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