On 5th October 2019, it was the 5th edition of International Moon Observing Day. Although for the world it was the 5th one, it was the first ever observing day for this one-nanosecond old zygote in the world of Astronomy. I have been in connection with this cosmos ever since, but recently, under The Treaty Of Ghaziabad, 2019, I was formally introduced to this extravagant world of astronomy and astrophysics by my Astronomical guide urf Guru, with whom I have no terms of contact or relation. I was very excited for this day since I read about this on the official NASA page on 2nd October, and I had decided to observe the Luna along with the whole world on this night. Alas, my Nikon binoculars passed away 2 years back and I am yet not eligible to own a telescope. BUT, I somehow struggled and finally managed to get a binoculars by one of my fellow friend who has attended wildlife trips with me to many places! And hence, my first astronomical adventure began!

Since I live in Delhi NCR, India, the air and light pollution is very frequent here and hence, stargazing is not really possible even if you find the darkest corner of your city. I snuck around in a nearby park at 9:20 PM, with my Nikon camera, a cell phone, ten rupees to enjoy a popsicle while skywatching, a journal to take any notes if needed and of course, my precious binoculars. As I settled, I noticed how amazing the moon looked with its terminator creating a dark gradient on it. Took out the binoculars, adjusted it and began watching the night sky. And I am out of words to describe the view. The Moon looked soooo good, with its terminator creating a dark gradient, with its beautiful craters and spots, its rough texture (dunno if that is the word I should use), like it was just divine! I can't express the bliss! While standing, observing the sky became quite difficult with my hands constantly shaking so I just sat down to keep it sturdy. Observed the surrounding sky, and I found some really bright dots on the sky's fabric and I suspected they weren't stars as they weren't twinkling at all. After a little bit of research on my cell phone, I realised those dots could be Jupiter, Saturn and Antares! Unimaginable! I was happy with the company of mosquitoes lurking around and attacking me, when I was joined my some of my younger buddies, who soon became astro-enthusiasts and agreed to be my recruits! I made them observe what I had just seen through the binoculars and they too were left in an awe. Being an amateur, I wasn't sure if you could click pictures through binoculars and I didn't had any equipment for that, so I just clicked out some pictures with my Nikon camera for later study and memoirs, and some selfies of our lively group of astro-enthusiasts. Later, I had a refreshing popsicle while sitting in the park and clicking the photos.

                                  This experience means a lot to me, as I am falling in love with astronomy day-by-day, as I read about it, I watch about it or as I observed about it yesterday. This experience may seem worthless to more experienced astronomers, astrogeeks and astrophiles, but for me, it meant pure bliss, pure anand. This will remain with me forever, as my first zygote step towards space observation and astronomy. This nature, this cosmos is so vast, it's unimaginably infinite, its beauty lies before our eyes but still we fail to see and enjoy it. I am slowly realising that Astronomy is one of the greatest medium to do so and to quench my questions about this cosmos. For this wonderful experience, I am deeply grateful to this cosmos, NASA and Mr. Future President, of course! But one thing I didn't understand was, my astronomical margdarshak (guide), didn't gave me any reaction when I told him about my first Lunar observation and skywatching experience. Maybe he's busy with Sadhguru mahodya. Whatever may be the reason, I know he is going to be be silently happy for this, just the way this beloved cosmos of mine is smiling for me tonight.



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