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InOMN activities in Spain have already been completed and we have again broken records:

On October 5, the International Moon Observation Night (InOMN) was held, an annual event organized by the Communication and Education team of NASA's LRO mission, which brings the whole world together in his observation.

In Spain, 101 activities were registered, of which 23 were organized by FAAE associations. Museums, observatories, associations, schools, institutes and individuals joined the great celebration of the Moon, which reached more than 2000 activities worldwide.

The event presented several formats in addition to direct observation with telescopes and binoculars, from the official website of the event resources were shown to learn to recognize the most important geology of the Moon that day, as well as videos and audios from NASA, since it also This year marks the 50th anniversary of the arrival of man on the moon.

Partners from other associations had problems due to the bad weather of the place, it even rained in some areas of Catalonia that immediately suspended the activities. Taking stock of all the activities of the federated associations, except for the North zone that is where there were more problems, the rest of the country enjoyed clear nights for the observation of the Moon, even of Saturn that was in conjunction. Jupiter was also visible and early in the activities, numerous telescopes observed the giant of the Solar System. Associations that carried out their activities in more remote places of the cities, also observed some objects of deep sky.

Thanks to the reports that each association has sent to the Federation, we have to conclude by saying that it has been a success. A total of 90 telescopes have been deployed, which served for around 6000 people to observe the Moon and the planets, in the absence of knowing more information that could further raise the number of telescopes and participants.

Victoriano Canales

CN @AWB_Spain


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