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I was honorably interviewed by TVB informative program as special guest (the largest television broadcast in HK). Mostly I shared my sharing my adventurous experiences for astronomical observation and promoted the importance of popular science [Link: https://bit.ly/2Os0TCu ]. More importantly, this year is the #MoonLanding50. I also introduced some of knowledge about Apollo mission, and technique for Lunar Photography. And also my precious opportunities to meet with Apollo 15 Astronaut at the California, U.S.A.

With the previous television interview about “Lunar Observation” last month (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) [Link: https://bit.ly/2Mli8CD ], I shared about the lunar features (e.g. craters, Maria) and how we can capture the International Space Station transit the lunar surface. It is estimated that these 2 sharing could reached more than 1.3 millions audiences in Hong Kong and China.

I hope that my event for celebration could be shared via AWB official Facebook and Social Media, motivating more astronomy & space enthusiasts to engage this precious global event. 


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