This weekend we restarted an old Austrian tradition. The so called "Austrian Amateur Astronomer Meeting", which was running for decades and was stopped about 15 years ago, had it's revival. The location was well chosen. The biggest Austrian public observatory "VEGA" formed the framework for this event. This observatory was opened last year and is situated near the city of Salzburg. It is equipped with modern presentation and multimedia techniques. The centerpiece is a 1 meter reflector telescope from ASA -Astro Systeme Austria.

The revival of this traditional meeting was initiated by ÖAV - Österreichischer Astronomischer Verein.

The main topic of this event was "Lightpollution" and "Visual Observations". The meeting was a big success and a good starting shot for followup-meetings during the next years in the old tradition.

OETA2019 1

OETA2019 1a

OETA2019 2

The centerpiece of the observatory: The 1 meter Ritchey-Chrétien-Cassegrain-Telescope with 7 meter focal length

OETA2019 3

OETA2019 6

The main focus was on Lightpollution and on visual observations.

OETA2019 6a

OETA2019 4

Of course, besides many other Austrian astronomical associations, Kepler Sternwarte Linz was on board :-)

Also some professional astronomers gave us valuable insights in their fields of activity.

OETA2019 8

OETA2019 7a

Obviously during this event there was place and time to present the newest, very impressive, Deep-Sky results using the 1 m reflector by the local astrophotographer's group.

OETA2019 7

At the end of this meeting I presented a preview of the next meeting in 2020 which our association will run in Linz at Ars Electronica Center. The working title is: "Skies in motion - from astrolabes to variable stars". A big thematic range with some international partners & guests.

OETA 2020

Best regards


OETA2019 5
Here I am at the old restored telescope, presented during this event, which was the first telescope of our association - bought in 1948.

 1948 3Zoeller Zeilinger
An old picture of that time, showing our first president and our first telescope.


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  • 05 November 2019
    Hi Joe,

    This event looks great. The Haus de Natur and the telescopes look fantastic - I hope to go there one day.

    Congratulations on restarting the meeting! When you say the event was focused on light pollution what does that mean? I’m very interested in dark sky protection especially living in a neighborhood where the city decided to add more awfully bright lights.

    Thanks for posting your report!

    Jessica Santascoy
    Community Engagement Manager, AWB
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