Sponsored by Re:Coded House in Erbil, The head of AOYA (the Association of Young Astronomy), has given a two and a half hour presentation titled "Astronomy in the Nutshell for the Beginners". In fact education has come up to better standards in Kurdistan allowing an ever growing number of youths who have built a very strong interest in astronomy but still lack the basic knowledge and therefore have no clue of where and how to make a proper start. Hence came our endeavor to guide those enthusiasts and help put them on the right track through learning the preliminary skills in order for them to contribute in the act of spreading it around among their friends and family members then further to the accessible public.

The event was a great success that we might make it regular to yet attract the many others who showed the interest but could not make it.

Eyad S. Khailany

Head of AOYA

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  • 05 November 2019
    Hello Eyad and Niga!

    Your event looks very interesting. Looks like you had about 21 people of different ages at the event. What were some of the participants’ questions?

    Thanks for hosting this event!

    Jessica Santascoy
    Community Engagement Manager, AWB
  • 05 November 2019
    Hello Jessica!
    This event was aimed at encouraging astronomy enthusiasts to initiate their astronomy activity but first they needed to learn about the basics like knowing the way in the night sky, using a simple starmap; constellations and what ways they can initiate astronomy without owning a telescope. We have received numerous questions in the Q&A session afterwords; like what they can teach others about astronomy; what object they can enjoy observing unaided or with a pair of binoculars; what would be the best starter telescope to go for with a low budget; etc. We believe many will soon be initiating their own astronomy community or a club with friends, family members or public to further participate in spreading around astronomy to the public.
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