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In Krusevac, Serbia members of Astronomical Society Eureka have successfully organized observation of the transit of Mercury. Members of the Society were able to record the flow of transit from the beginning to the maximum, when the Sun set down. Many citizens who were in the park together with members were able to observe and photograph the transit wiuth telescope SkyWatcher 90/900 using indirect method of observation, while the telescope SkyWytcher 150/750 was used to photographe transit with NikonD3100 camera. We can say that this event was a success and we hope to further similar events.


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    I am an amateur astronomer from Serbia since 2005. I do astronomy in the Astronomy Society "Eureka" in my home town Krusevac. I am also interested in Econophysics and I am finishing PhD studies in Economics. I wish to study astronomy, to become professional astronomer and to give contribution to the popularization of astronomy and science in general. I write articles for many local web sites in the field of Economics, Econophysics, Astronomy ...


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