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What a beautiful, clear day for the Transit of Mercury which fell on Veterans Day, November 11, 2019!

The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York did A LOT of outreach. We held over 10 separate outreach events for the Transit of Mercury.

Events included:

-Telescopes at locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

-A livestream of the Transit in collaboration with B&H Photo and Video embedded on our website homepage 

-Veterans Day Transit of Mercury Presentation: History and Mechanics of Transits at the B&H Event Space where the President of the AAA, Irene Pease and board member/ astrophotography coordinator Stan Honda presented.

Here are images from our outreach in Central Park:


Jessica Santascoy sets up her Explore Scientific telescope M transit  Central Park

Jessica Santascoy sets up her beloved Explore Scientific FirstLight 102mm Doublet Refractor in Central Park, near Umpire Rock and Heckscher Playground. Photo by Joe Cieplinski.

Stopping by after the playground Joe Cieplinski M Transit 11 11 19

This child was fascinated to see the Sun. "It's a big orange ball", he exclaimed. "Where's the Earth?", he asked his mom.

"We're on it," she said. We don't think he was able to see tiny Mercury, but he was delighted to see the Sun. Photo by Jessica Santascoy.

Tourist dazzled Joe Cieplinski M Transit 11 11 19

These tourists were really happy to see the Mercury Transit. If you look closely, the woman looking in the telescope has a "wow" expression on her face. They hadn't seen the Sun through a scope before and Mercury transiting was a bonanza! Photo by Jessica Santascoy.

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