Nalanda College Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Nalanda College Alumni Astronomical Society (NCAAS) organized an island-wide project for the 2019 December 26 Annular Solar Eclipse, which included carrying out 6 observation events, and distributing solar eclipse observation glasses.

A crew that included 22 members went to Jaffna Kaddaikadu Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed School to witness the annular solar eclipse and a crew of 10 members went to St. Joseph's College Anuradhapura. A small crew of three members went to Kanthale Central College to acquire data for research that will be conducted with the Arthur C. Clarke Institute. Another observation camp was conducted at the Hillwood College - Kandy by the members of our Societies and also there was an observation camp at Nalanda College Colombo. With the help of NCAAS, 'Astrominds' astronomy association conducted a public solar eclipse observation event at the Independence Square Colombo-7.

In every observation camp conducted by NCAS & NCAAS, there were lectures related to solar eclipses. In these outreach events, more than a thousand students were able to witness the solar eclipse through telescopes and through the solar eclipse viewing glasses provided by Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). About 2500 of these solar eclipse glasses were distributed among more than 50 schools and some Universities in Sri Lanka by NCAS, NCAAS, and AstroMinds. We also got the support from Educational MInistry of Northern Province in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) also provided support to accomplish this project. Another 3500 glasses were distributed among 256 Vidatha science centers through the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Anyone from anywhere of the world was able to see the eclipse's live webcasts through the facebook page and through the youtube channel of NCAS.

Kaddaikadu Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed School Jaffna

St. Josephs College Anuradhapura

Kanthale Central College Kanthale

Hillwood College Kandy

Nalanda College Colombo

Arcade Independence Square Colombo


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